VizioChron, Inc. has derived from a basic hobbyist project Jetson Use Cases: https://www.sites.google.com/site/jetsontricks, and emergence of the latter is because of my friend who asked me to give a hand to him with his robotic project. A couple of years ago it has taken to procure a nvidia Jetson TX2 and to start development with it. Eventually it has grown into VizioChron, Inc. that is being incorporated today.

It has taken years of engagement into several gigs and startup projects as well as fundamental research and forum discussion participation to get sorted out what was originally asked about.

However, today there is a better understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of implementation of this or that aspects of Graphical Processing Unit [GPU] application, nvidia embedded systems application, and various sorts of computer vision projects and machine learning techniques.

The website is intended to share particulars solutions applicable to work with Nvidia Jetson embedded systems and other systems. Visitors will find illustrations and examples of how to set up a tiny service like web camera support using OV5693 sensor or like to integrate a complex system that involves training of a model and application of it. e.g into Deepstream Smart City solution.

Credits to Gerard, Matthew, Dustin, Ravi, Akim, Alex, Adrian, Gabriela, Stephen, Nvidia & Google corporations, Yale, MIT and Stanford Universities, and all others who contributed in a direct[explicit] or indirect[implicit] way to the formation of the resource.